Gender equality in organizations


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Measures to ensure gender equality - measures for culture.
Measures to improve the corporate culture are manifold. You should already have implemented general actions for measuring satisfaction in the company in order to subsequently bring forward the targeted measurement of gender equality.
In our tool, we specifically cover questions related to employee satisfaction as well as corporate culture in relation to inequalities.
On general issues related to corporate culture, they should constantly collect data on employee participation in the cultural process, internal training, satisfaction with working conditions and equipment, and openness to all cultures, religions, and sexualities.
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Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures for re-entry.
After starting a new family, mothers often stay at home much longer than men. Make sure that your employees can return to work quickly and easily after maternity or parental leave.
By taking family-friendly measures during this very special time in your employees' lives, you can ensure that your company retains motivated and high-performing employees.
They also ensure an optimized corporate culture and the associated higher profitability of the organization.

Parental leave

Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures for parental leave.
As an employer, you have a responsibility to support mothers and fathers optimally during parental leave. Offer your employees opportunities for an optimal balance between child and family, flexibility in the area of part-time work or individual training.
The needs of employees change with the growing family. Engage your teams and support them through maternity and parental leave as well as during their return to work with targeted measures, such as incentives for shorter family-related career breaks and the measurement of internal female empowerment.
Among other things, the length of parental leave and the prospects thereafter should be highlighted and discussed individually.
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Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures for advancement opportunities and career.
In companies, the change starts with HR managers, who can support the female empowerment of employees through active measures. On the one hand, access to resources must be communicated: it should be structurally clarified which decision-making powers women have in the design of their own work processes.
Extensive internal communication is also required to ensure that your female employees are aware of the available developments and actively demand them: projects for advancement, concrete opportunities for advancement to management positions and the identification of individual developments within the company must be continuously communicated.
Mentoring programs, events or forums for women to share their experiences with each other can also help. In most cases, the aim is to motivate female employees to put forward their ideas confidently and to integrate them into the working environment. 
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Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures for recognition.
Feedback meetings and recognition are often the most underestimated motivation drivers in organizations. As an employer, you have the opportunity to ensure higher productivity and a better corporate culture through targeted recognition processes.
In addition, many studies confirm that employees who feel recognized identify more strongly with the company and change jobs less frequently - so the recognition system in companies has a direct positive effect on company turnover.
Recognition includes not only the appreciation of work, but also the recognition of other achievements, such as the reconciliation of family and job or a particularly active effort to want to move up within the company - regardless of gender.
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Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures for female empowerment.
As an employer, you can actively promote empowerment and thus the basic satisfaction of all employees. Female empowerment in particular describes the support of gender equality as well as women reinforcement within the company.
In concrete terms, female empowerment means that companies introduce measures that support the autonomy, development and co-determination of female employees. All employees can thus support each other on their career path and ensure a corporate culture that not only ensures low staff turnover but also increased profitability.
As an employer you can be active in a number of ways, including accepting women's points of view or seeking them out, or elevating women's status through education, awareness, literacy, and training.
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Supervisor relationship

Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures for superiors relationships.
As employers, you should always be aware that your team leads not only have more responsibility than your employees. They are also an important voice and conduit for internal dynamics, potential inequities and dissatisfactions.
As an employer, make sure that team leads are trained not only professionally, but also interpersonally, so that they give time and commitment to your mission of gender equality and achieve the goal together.
Team leads should be trained and educated on gender equity issues so that they are not only be aware of inequalities, but also have tools to actively address and resolve them.
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Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures to resolve sexualization
Unfortunately, protecting victims from sexualization in the workplace is not taken seriously everywhere. As an employer, you should establish a sustainable and long-term structure within the company that makes it easy for those affected to react.
There should be a clear process that every employee knows. There are numerous internal structures that are available: As an employee, you have both the right to complain and the duty to inform and protect.  For example, an official complaint submission must not only be possible, but also anonymous and as barrier-free as possible.
Until the incident is clarified, sanctions are often disproportionate, which is why it should be possible for the affected person to be released until the case is clarified. Contact us to learn more about measures related to sexualization in the workplace.
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Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures for salary prospects.
The gender pay gap, especially in Germany, is still large. Current studies put the gender pay gap at 18 percent. This even applies for women with the exact same qualifications as men: the pay gap remains six percent.
As an employer, you can actively address this gap through the interaction of various actions and sustainably ensure equal distribution of positions and motivating remuneration models.
Measuring internal female empowerment, in-office childcare, effective and individual incentives for shorter family-related career breaks and a rapid return to work are just some of the possible measures here. A long-term solution is needed within the company to retain employees and remain attractive as an employer.
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Working conditions

Measures to ensure gender equality - Measures for flexible working hours.
Studies show that reconciling work and family life is still a challenge and a constant companion, especially for women in organizations. But with family-friendly measures, you can reach all your employees.
Equal, flexible work sharing has become one of the most important criteria for employees when choosing an employer. For a long time now, measures have included more than just mobile working or part-time models.
Job sharing or double-headers and measuring internal gender equality perceptions are just as much a part of modern employers as childcare or flexitime. Build a working time model internally that suits everyone.
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