Shining light on Remazing’s inner status quo of gender equality.

Remazing is a leading international provider of services and software solutions for brands on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

At the beginning of the cooperation, the status of gender equality in the company was only based on assumptions.

After 6 months of using the Female Lights tool for measurement, Remazing has a truthful picture of the actual gender equality - based on data. Now they know exactly where action needs to be taken to realise the missed potential.

Case Study Remazing x Female Lights

"Finally, a solution to approach the gender equality holistically - away from gut feelings towards clear facts and efficient tailor-made measures."
Emil Beck,
Co-Founder & Managing Director @Remazing

The key data of the pilot project.

Remazing x Female Lights
Project duration

6 months

in 2022/2023


91 people

69% women / 31% men

Gender Equality Score 8,4/10

Status March 2023


About the company.

Since 2016, Remazing has been a global partner of industry leaders such as Henkel, Beiersdorf, and Under Armour, helping brands write their own success stories in all relevant markets. More than 90 e-commerce experts develop locally adapted strategies and implement content optimization, advertising campaigns and monitoring using Remdash, the company's own software solution. In 2021, Remazing was awarded the "E-Commerce Germany Award" and the "Best Retail Cases Award".

Remazing sees the issue of diversity as an increasingly important global and social challenge. The associated gender equality is currently at the top of the company's list.

The results of the cooperation.

Over six months, the Female Lights Tool collected about 4000 data sets. These showed that the Remazing workforce feels highly equal (score > 8.0) especially in four areas. The analysis also revealed the need to focus on one low-scoring area.

Positive effects that Female Lights has on the company.



Remazing is a data-driven company, thus the goal was to move away from subjective perceptions and generate clear facts.


The tool has been able to generate exciting insights into what employees are missing and where they would like more support.

Positive mood

The staff was thrilled that the current gender equality was reflected and how easy it was to integrate Female Lights into their daily work.

Action Steps

From the results, targeted actions could be derived and defined.
"Female empowerment is a very important topic these days. It is great that this can now be measured with Female Lights. Gut feelings can lead you down the wrong path, so it's important to work with data on this topic. I am a clear advocate of checking this regardless of company size."
Henrika Wick,
People & Culture Manager @Remazing

Positive aspects of working with Female Lights.


First-class cooperation and the ability to discuss individual needs


Quick implementation of the customers' wishes


Team puts its heart and soul into the product and the partnership

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Kim-Leandra Ide

Managing Director

About Female Lights

Henrika Wick

People & Culture Manager

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