We enable you to empower women within your organization.

One tool to measure the female empowerment in your organization. Identify pain points and strengthen the support system for women so your team can do its best work.

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Female Lights Empowerment
90%* of people surveyed agreed:

"Many know the issue: equal rights does not always mean equality. Especially when you look at leadership positions and the culture in companies."

*based on 100+ interviews with employees and companies until January 2022

Our female empowerment tool.


Female Lights is a gender equality tool that automates the measurement of equality within companies. 

It brings teams and managers closer together by empowering women in organizations. Because only through equality can a company function optimally.


Employees respond to our gender equality survey weekly and anonymously.

Based on our algorithm, managers see the results in our women's empowerment dashboard. This gives managers the ability to measure the status quo and identify pain points. For equality within companies.


Women still struggle with inequalities, especially when it comes to salary, career opportunities and recognition.

Our gender equality tool helps to reduce costs, leads to higher productivity and counteract the shortage of skilled workers. Equality leads to increased net income (up to 15%).
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Discover our features.

Individualized Surveys.

We ask the right questions to understand women's needs. Employees respond weekly in a matter of seconds.

A Dashboard with your Score.

The dashboard is created from employee responses. These responses result in a value for enablement.

An HR Analysis.

While we measure employee opinions through surveys, we measure your status quo through workforce structure analysis.

Keep on growing.

After you have measured your status, you can start taking the right steps tailored to you. Use the Score to monitor your success.
Transparency on the status quo of gender equality.
Quick insights into employee opinions.
Data-driven derivation and tracking of measures.
Empower women, improve culture & employer branding.

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Partners and Cooperations.

How Female Lights works

Female Lights is built upon the following blocks: 
Individual Surveys, a Dashboard with the Empowerment Score and the right solutions. 

You can just use the software to measure your state by the empowerment score. After measuring, you can address the next steps by yourself. Or you request further support - our team is happy to recommend further individual steps to increase your current female empowerment score. 

 Dissolve inequalities, work blockers and build the work atmosphere we all want - trusting, equal and up-lifting. 
Employees answer surveys and provide anonymous feedback to managers. Via email, slack, print - as you like.
Managers respond to feedback & review the survey reports. You get the integrated dashboard showing all answers - of course anonymous. 
Together you help empower each other, align on solutions, and grow as a team. The score built out of the answers shows your current state.
female empowerment tool

One Survey. All information you will need.

Survey questions break down the corporation's female empowerment score by evaluating answers given by employees. We created a survey covering contents about general equality, flexibility, salary equality and career options. Start measuring your female empowerment score and keep growing. 
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One Dashboard. All Information You Will Need.

Survey questions break down your corporation's female empowerment score by evaluating the employees answers. This score is visualized by a dashboard, showing all answer scores individually and summarized.
A tool for managers to help measure and strengthen the support system for women in corporations.
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the whole team profits from empowerment.

It is a long-established fact that by measuring problems, you already took the most important step. Start measuring your team' s happiness and keep improving your organizational team work. Because successful teams are built upon equality. 
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