Let's establish gender equality within your organisation.

We enable you to measure and sustainably improve gender equality in a data-based way. For courageous organisations that have recognised that equality has not yet fully arrived in the world of work and want to change that.

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Female Lights: Gender Equality
90%* of people surveyed agreed:
"Many know the issue: equal rights does not always mean equality.
Especially when you look at leadership positions and the culture in companies."
*based on 100+ interviews with employees and companies until January 2022

Our solution: Female Lights.


are we addressing this issue?
We are far from real gender equality: female employees earn significantly less than their male colleagues, the share of women in leadership positions is low, they are more often degraded to sexual objects and are per se considered to have fewer competences.


are we achieving gender equality?
By using our tool, companies can get a concrete and objective mood picture of the employees. With this information, they can create the most equal working environment possible.


services do we cover?

Female Lights is an all-in-one solution: With the help of our tool, key figures on workforce equality are collected, processed and presented in a dashboard. In addition, individual optimisation measures are played out automatically. We also provide support in the conceptual development and implementation of these measures.

Companies that trust us.

"Female Lights is an effective tool for implementing equity. We received clues to derive an individual action plan and implement it in the future. It helped us to answer the question: "Do our impressions match the results?".
Anja Freyher
Human Resources Director
GABLER Maschinenbau GmbH
"With Female Lights, we have found a way to repeatedly check and prove the success of our vision."
Benjamin Barnack
Managing Director
Hey Contact Heroes GmbH
support gender equality as well

Pain points we solve.

Gut feeling decisions
No data-based problem identification & action development.
No involvement of the staff
Employees are not involved in the problem- & solution-finding process.
Lack of action tracking
No measurement & optimisation of action success over time (waste of resources)
Shortage of skilled workers
Women often leave companies due to a lack of equal opportunities.

Our cooperations.

4 reasons why you should be on fire for gender equality.

Increases productivity & morale
Improves employer branding
Reduces personnel turnover
Enhances financial performance