Do you really know if your female employees feel treated equally compared to their male colleagues?

You can only manage what you can measure - so start now!
Analyse the status quo and create the best environment for your workforce.
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How our tool works.

Created for organizations that value gender equity.


At the beginning, we give an introduction to the tool, make individual settings and import the employee data.
Time required: ≈ 1 h one-time


Once to four times a week, the workforce is anonymously surveyed in seconds on various areas of equality (e.g. sexualization, parental leave). The average response rate is 70%.
Time required: ≈ 40 sec. weekly.


A dashboard shows the status quo of gender equality and the areas where action is needed.
Time required: individual


Based on the results, the software automatically generates individual optimization actions. After the implementation of these, the success will be tracked.
Time required: individual

The benefits of our tool.

Simplicity & time saving


Sustainable action tracking

Improving gender equality

Female lights
Simplicity & time saving.
The tool collects, calculates and presents the status quo of gender equality in a completely automated way.
Female Lights
Based on a profound problem identification, measures are played out automatically and can be initiated in a targeted manner.
Female lights
Sustainable action tracking.
The measurement of the success of the action is carried out automatically over a longer period of time. In this way, human and financial resources are used efficiently.
Female Lights
Improving gender equality.
Women feel equal and supported. This increases productivity and morale, lowers personnel turnover, improves employer branding and increases financial company performance.
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Female Lights values your data security.


DSGVO Compliance.

Female Lights follows all guidelines and regulations of DSGVO with servers located in Germany. Our security program is aligned with ISO 27001 and DSGVO.


Server locations.

All female lights certified servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany. Therefore our servers comply with the highest european data security standards. 


Data encryption.

Collected survey results are pseudonymized by using separate databases for personal data and metadata. 



Protection against unauthorised access by external parties is ensured via firewalls. Data encryption is an essential process whose function is ensured.