What is hey contact heroes status quo on gender equality?

hey contact heroes is a customer service provider that offers its clients all the necessary building blocks to enable them to engage in an innovative and maximally efficient 360° customer dialog.

At the start of the cooperation, the status of gender equality was based purely on a gut feeling.

After an 8-month measurement period, the company received a report on gender equality in practice with areas that scored well as well as areas that need improvement. The tool will continue to be used in the future for long-term tracking.

Case Study - hey contact heroes x Female Lights

"At hey contact heroes, we are committed to equality in all areas. It doesn't matter where our colleagues come from, what faith they belong to, what sexual orientation or gender they have. With us, all people are equal and have the same opportunities and possibilities. We stand for diversity and equality. With Female Lights, we've found a way that we can continually review and prove the success of our vision."
Benjamin Barnack,
Managing Director @ hey contact heroes GmbH

The key data of the pilot project.

hey contact heroes x Female Lights
Project duration

8 months

in 2022/2023


~ 2.000 sent questions

45 % men / 52 % women / 3% diverse

Gender Equality Score 8,2/10

April 2023


About the company.

Since its founding over two years ago, hey contact heroes has become the No. 1 work@home service provider in the customer service sector. The company implements customer service projects for clients from business, industry and commerce around the clock, 365 days a year. Customers include large companies and well-known brands such as Check24, 1&1 and mydays.

hey contact heroes creates the ideal basis for the approximately 400 colleagues to optimally combine family and career. Split shifts, attractive part-time models and a fair shift system help to ensure that all employees have a working time model that suits them. The well-being and interests of our employees are our top priority, which is why gender equality is an important element in promoting and developing this culture.

The results of the cooperation.

Around 2,000 questions were sent out over a period of eight months. These showed that the internal Heroes feel very equal, particularly in the areas of supervisor behavior, working conditions and culture (score > 8.0). It is also evident that there is an extremely high sense of security with regard to sexualization.

The analysis also showed that women feel slightly disadvantaged in terms of salary, even though there are identical framework conditions for both genders in terms of compensation. Female Lights can also provide this kind of insight - that employers should talk more about the equality they already practice and show that there are no differences between the sexes.

Well-scored gender equity areas:

Supervisor behavior
Working conditions

What does hey contact heroes mean by female empowerment?


Equal opportunities

Women must have equal opportunities. It starts with access to education to learn the profession they aspire to.


Women and girls must be respected for exactly what they do. Sexualization or the lack of confidence in competencies must no longer be an issue.


The mutual support and motivation of women to represent their interests in an autonomous and self-determined way - not only in the private but also in the professional context.
"The topic of equality is now unfortunately often burdened with a certain negative prejudice. With Female Lights, we are rediscovering this important topic. We can learn to understand the most diverse perspectives and thus also further develop our corporate culture every day. We as a company live tolerance, diversity and transparency and benefit daily from the new impressions gained through Female Lights."
Anna Freitag,
Manager HR & Recruiting @ hey contact heroes

Positive aspects of working with Female Lights.


Individual monitoring of the cooperation, regular exchanges & inclusion of the wishes of all stakeholders.


Revealing individual gender paint points that were previously unaware.


HCH has a special focus on equal opportunities. The cooperation has underpinned this again internally and created for Awarenss.

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Managing Director

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Managing Director

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